Candy Cutter, a novel by s.j. romero.
Candy Cutter, a seventeen year old girl, is given supernatural abilities as a means to hunt demon-possessed humans.

Bad people are everywhere, but which of those people are demon-possessed? Candy would have never thought to ask such a question, but after a coercive meeting with a demon overseer named Sunesis, she's asking that question now.

While investigating a criminal known as “Taxman”, Detective Zuniga becomes familiar with Candy, who is slowly being pulled into the criminal underworld, not as a criminal per se, but as a vigilante.

With mounting pressures from Sunesis, Detective Zuniga and Taxman, Candy begins to appreciate her demon-provided abilities and struggles with the reality that she may even like the power.
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H narratives book cover
Also by S.J. Romero
H narratives: a supernatural action-horror.

As preparation for one of Hell's regional war games, a demon instructor provides harsh lessons and surreal motivation to a group of dead people.

Horror Short Story - Mandy, Party of One
Mandy, Party of One. FREE short story.

A woman dies and goes to Hell.

Read the first short story to tie into the H narratives universe.

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